Employment & Labour Law

Feel like you’ve been wrongfully dismissed?
Injured or bullied on the job?
Overlooked for a promotion because of age or gender? Wondering how to draw up a collective bargaining contract or downsize your company without negative legal repercussions?

Hassan Law has a long history of providing counsel in the area of employment and labour law. We offer creative, constructive solutions to complex issues for both employers and employees.

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what distinguishes the Hassan Law firm

Our experienced lawyers work closely with our clients to achieve successful results that are both creative and cost-effective.

Employment Law

Our London lawyers strive to protect our client’s image and reputation as it pertains to any area of labour and employment law. We have worked with clients to establish employment and termination contracts, and resolve general workplace issues, including those related to health and safety and human rights. In all instances, we respect the integrity and reputation of our clients and work to secure the best practical solutions for employers and employees.


Despite your best efforts to guarantee that your hiring processes are compliant with provincial and federal legislation, current and former workers, as well as job candidates, may submit legal claims alleging that you broke the law. Hassan law can assist employers in defending themselves against such actions.


Claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) alleging that an employer violated wage and hour laws are one type of employment litigation. If your company is the focus of a claim like this, you’ll need the help of an expert FLSA lawyer to defend you.

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