Personal Injury & Financial Loss Cases

At Hassan Law, our team of London lawyers have a proven track record in providing effective and innovative solutions to the problems arising out of a serious personal injury.

The path to receiving compensation for personal injury or losses can seem overwhelming. The issues dealing with day-to-day activities, coupled with the stress and pain of an injury can affect the lives of an entire extended family and beyond.

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Why choose us for your personal injury litigation

Our experienced and devoted family lawyers work closely with our clients to achieve successful results that are both creative and cost-effective.

Personal injury

Personal injury cases can stem from several different scenarios, including:
  1. Auto accidents
  2. Slip and fall/premises liability
  3. Dangerous drugs
  4. Defective consumer products/product liability
  5. Dog bites
  6. Assault and battery
  7. Wrongful death and other intentional acts jeopardizing the safety of others


Our goal is to quickly determine who is at fault, and then to quantify your entitled compensation. If you’ve been injured, our role is to first assess the situation. We then provide a timetable for a practical and effective resolution of the disability or injury problems with your insurers or with the third party at fault. We ensure you receive the appropriate medical care, rehabilitation, counseling, wage loss benefits and assistance returning to the workplace.

The right choice

If for any reason we cannot assist you, we will help you find the lawyer who can. We don’t charge for an initial interview, so you are not out of pocket if you choose not to pursue your claim or retain our services.

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