Photo of Hocine Zenile
Photo of Hocine Zenile

Hocine Zenile

“While we all have our own particular responsibilities, here we work as one integrated group, and I believe that’s key to our success.”

Hocine joined the firm in 2001, taking on the role of office manager. With his broad smile, Hocine also gladly takes on the role of our official greeter and Director of First Impressions. Hocine is multilingual in French, English, Arabic and colloquial Algerian, skills that our diverse client base appreciates.

In his office duties, Hocine manages much of the finances, banking and administration, handling the day-to-day booking and scheduling. He also helps with translation for many of our clients.

Hocine has never let his disability slow him down, thanks to his trusted “two-wheeled horse.” He graduated as a civil engineer in Algeria, and from 1992-1997 Hocine was a sprinter and long distance marathoner for the National Algerian Performing Athletic Team. He competed at the World Championship in Germany, the Arab/African Championship in Tunisia, and the Paralympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Outside his office duties, the optimistic, energetic Hocine enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys camping and regular games of wheelchair basketball.


  • English
  • Algerian
  • Arabic
  • French


  • P. Engineering, Algeria
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